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As far as the government is concerned, you need English for Life in the UK Test, B1 test, British Passport Application Interview and to get a Driving Licence (Driving theory test). Further, you also need the English language to get some licenses such as Food Hygiene and Off License, London Taxi Driver Licence, etc. 

You must be proficient in the English Language to do well in this country.  If not, ONLY the low paid, low skills jobs can be targetted. 
In order to have a rewarding career or run your own business successfully, you need English too.

We help you to learn English, whatever your level is; Basic to advanced.

We don't prepare you for the just B1 or B2 test. We will help you to become proficient in it and as you learn, passing B1 and B2 will be easy. 

We will train you in spoken English and letter writing too.

We want to point out that the government is stressing the importance of the English language to those who want to settle down in the UK.

As you are aware that from April 2014, the Driving Theory Exam is in English only.

Hence we don't just prepare you for just passing exams but to help you to become good at it.

Here are the topics that will be covered:

Competency in English Language - Online Course

First, there will be a small online assessment to figure out your level.

The Study Program

A. Fundamental of Grammar

1.    Parts of Speech

2.   Special Parts of Speech

3.   Parts of a Simple Sentence

4.   Phrase and Clause

5.   Kinds of Sentences

6.   Time, Period, Date, Numeral

7.   Gerund, Particle, and Infinite

8.   Sentence Pattern

9.   Articles

10.  Question tags

11.   Degrees of Comparison

12.   Prepositions

13.   Tense Forms – Table for Tense Forms

14.   Voice

15.   Tense and Voice

16.   Active Voice and Passive Voice

17.   Agreement of the Verb with the subject

18.   Sequence of Tenses

19.   Auxiliaries Verbs

20.  Model Auxiliaries

21.   Questions and Answers

22.   Direct Speech to Indirect Speech

23.   Indirect Speech to Direct Speech

24.   Relative clauses

25.   Identifying Sentences by Analysing Clauses

26.   Synthesis of Sentences

27.   Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences (Table for Simple, Compound, and Complex)

28.   Punctuation

29.   Spotting the errors and correcting them

30.   Word Order

B. Listing to conversation and answering

C. Spoken English – This will be with native speakers

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