Life in the UK Citizenship Test



Congratulation, that you have chosen to make the United Kingdom as your new home.

Checking out this website implies that you are effectively into the important phase of your settlement process in this great nation. 

This website will help you to prepare for the "Life in the UK" test and as well as in improving your English Language skills.

Since October 2013, the government has made it mandatory that you pass both 'Life in the UK' and provide satisfactory evidence of English proficiency. This normally means providing an ESQL Entry level 3 certificate or above. Please see the page for 'English Learning'.

We help you with both. If you are already proficient in English, you can prepare with our videos and on the other hand, you can prepare with our teachers who will help you both in your mother language and in English.

This 'Life in the UK' test is based on the book Home Office 'Life in the United Kingdom - A Guide for New Residents'.

Reading this book and preparing for the test is a great challenge, especially, to those who also prepare for English proficiency. Further, the contents of this book, which has references to historical events, make this test a difficult task for many to pass, even to those whom English is the first language.

For this reason, we have, with permission, translated the whole book into the Tamil language so that you will understand the topics of the book very well.

To ease your reading and understandings we have added more pictures and illustrations.

If you can read the English publication, this translation will help you. 

All learnings are online from the comfort of your home or office.