How to Join a Course



Joining our courses are easy and straight forward.

1. Check the course description and sample course details if available.

2. Click the 'Click the enter this course' button next to your preferred course.

3. You will see a 'Log in' page. Enter your login details and follow.

4. If you don't have an account, click the, 'Create a New Account' under the title, 'Is this your first time here?'

5. Follow the screen and once you get a message to, check your email, go to your email's 'Inbox' and confirm your mail and you will be taken back to the course page and follow the next steps.

6. Note that sometime, the 'Confirmation Mail' would land in the 'Junk Mail' box and so check there too and moved that to 'Inbox' so all future emails will land into the Inbox.

Please watch the video and if you still have issues, please 'Contact Us'.

Thank You,

Course Admin