The New tougher test has been announced

Is the UK citizenship test difficult to pass?

Well, those who could say yes, should think again. Because the government sees differently. 
In October 2019, the then Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced that the government would bring in a new tougher test. 
Watch the video below.

The New tougher test

But, with us, and with our innovative ways of learning digitally you can easily pass before the new syllabus and test kicks in. 
Everything possible as long as you believe in yourself.

Beware of Criminal Gangs
Criminals will try to cash in when you think hopelessly. They will tell you, you NEVER be able to pass WITHOUT their help but they need your hard-earned money for the illegal services. The video below shows it is around £2,000.

Is it worth? Think for a minute. Who you are thinking of cheating; YOURSELF. It is a recipe for disaster. 

So please don't even consider it. 

The consequences of cheating a government are NOT worth all your hard efforts of coming all the way from your home country to settle down in the UK. The all-powerful government can deport you for cheating it and you may never be able to come back due to the links with criminals. 

As the saying goes, 'even if it is painful, a mum must deliver the baby'. The pain and hard work can not be outsourced but the reward is a sweet one. Likewise, the government expects each and everyone who wants to settle in the UK to pass the test and as a responsible government, it knows well that the citizenship life test is sat by people of different educational levels. So you can expect it to be just reasonable.