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I am glad that you have chosen the United Kingdom as your new home. 

Let me share my story.

The plane was descending towards Gatwick.

I was sitting in the third seat from the window on the left side of the plane, of course nervously. Coming all the way from Sri Lanka as an asylum seeker, leaving my belongings, my friends and my loved ones behind, with just a small bag with few clothes in.

I could see through the window it was around 2 pm and a beautiful summer day.

The female immigration officer at the desk looked at me intensely and smiled. A reassuring smile that I never ever forgot in my life.

'Just follow me', said the officer as she rose up from her chair. Exhausted by the long journey, I followed her, anxiously and almost fearfully.

Where am I going? To a detention centre or back to the plane to be sent where I started my journey?

Thankfully, it was for a medical checkup and a few hours later I was allowed out into this great country, the United Kingdom, a pure and truly democratic country, where I felt as if I born again.

A few months later I was told that I was accepted as a refugee.

This great country that adopted me as a foster mother, gave me a lot of opportunities.

I studied hard to become a professionally qualified accountant and therefore was able to work for big corporations as a 'System Accountant' and later an 'IT consultant' at top multinational corporations.

Why I am saying this? Certainly not to boast about myself but to indicate that the opportunities that this country offers for those who want to try harder and to achieve. As long as you are doing something that is morally and legally right, the sky is the limit: You are unstoppable.

Therefore, you may agree, like you, I have gone through all fear, uncertainty, frustration and depression to get to where I am now and I am experienced enough to help prepare you digitally, for the 'LIfe in the UK test' as well as the 'English Language Professionacy Test' and with my qualifications, be a reliable mentor for a career in IT and Accountancy.

While I faithfully remain grateful to this nation, I wish you all the best to those who make Great Britain their home.


Ravi Maniam  ACMA, CGMA
Founder of

P.S: We will, in our lessons, discuss a story about Benjamin Disraeli, a son of a Jewish refugees from Italy. Disraeli was elected to represent Maidstone in 1837.  He was mocked during his maiden speech as an MP in 1837, he defiantly pronounced “the time will come when you will hear me”. Later He became the Britain’s first, and so far only, Jewish Prime Minister and that was during the Victorian Era - An example of the opportunity this nation offers to any determined hard worker.
Believe in yourself and in hard work and you will be unstoppable.